HRH Princess Haya

HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is a woman of many facets. She is a devoted wife and mother, a former Olympic athlete, a humanitarian, a UN Messenger of Peace, a former member of the International Olympic Committee, former President of the International Equestrian Federation and the first Jordanian woman to hold a license to drive heavy trucks.

She is the daughter of HM the Late King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan (1935-1999) and HM the Late Queen Alia Al Hussein (1948-1977); and the wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai. They have one daughter, HH Sheikha Al Jalila, who was born on December 2, 2007, and one son, HH Sheikh Zayed, who was born on January 7, 2012.



HRH Princess Haya has a strong humanitarian presence both on local and international levels. Her work and interests focus on humanitarian issues and human development concentrated primarily on the areas of health, education, youth and sports. She continues to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs), especially those of eliminating poverty and hunger. Additionally, She works to find ways in which sports can support the development of impoverished youths in the world's poorest nations.

In memory of Her mother, HM the late Queen Alia, HRH Princess Haya founded Tkiyet Um Ali in 2003, the first food aid NGO in the Arab World, and became the Chairperson of its Board of Directors. She was also the first Arab and first woman to serve as World Food Programme Goodwill Ambassador (2005-2007). In that role, She travelled to Malawi, Ethiopia and Syria to witness first-hand the impact of the food crises in those areas.

In March 2007, HRH Princess Haya was appointed the Chairperson of International Humanitarian City (IHC), the largest humanitarian hub in the world, hosting a community of UN organisations, NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and commercial companies. Based in Dubai, it plays a pivotal role in facilitating first responses to crises across the world.

In September 2007, HRH Princess Haya was selected by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, the highest honour bestowed on a global citizen by the United Nations Secretary-General to address pressing problems around the world. A month later, Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan chose HRH Princess Haya to become a founding member of the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum (2007-2010), an international organisation aimed at addressing humanitarian issues.

In January 2010, HRH Princess Haya visited the Kenyan capital of Nairobi to encourage an effective local and global response to catastrophic food shortages. On January 22nd, just ten days after the devastating 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, HRH Princess Haya travelled to Port-au-Prince to oversee the delivery of 90 metric tonnes of relief supplies for the Haitians, a shipment organised by the IHC, meet with Haitian and UN officials and raise awareness of the need for international aid. In February 2011, HRH Princess Haya visited Siem Reap in Cambodia to bring further attention to the ongoing food crisis in that area.

HRH Princess Haya, in 2012, established Dar Abu Abdullah as a sister organisation to Tkiyet Um Ali in Jordan, bearing the name of Her father, HM the Late King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan (Abu Abdullah). Dar Abu Abdallah was set up to complement Tkiyet Um Ali by addressing the underlying causes of poverty and hunger and establishing programs that empower individuals through training, capacity building, education and health programs. In 2014, HRH Princess Haya also visited Ethiopia and Liberia where She visited a number of the World Food Programme’s humanitarian projects. In September of that same year, HRH Princess Haya was pronounced Office of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, France’s highest distinction, for Her ongoing achievements in Her humanitarian work.

In November 2015, HRH Princess Haya received the 2015 Giglio d’Oro Award for Her outstanding contributions in the humanitarian field. Additionally, that same month, She was presented the 2015 Path to Peace Award in consideration of Her longstanding and tireless work in the promotion of peace in the humanitarian field.

In October 2016, HRH Princess Haya travelled, under the direction of HH Sheikh Mohammed, once again, to Port-au-Prince to oversee the delivery of 90 tonnes of relief aid to those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

In 2017, HRH Princess Haya oversaw further expansion of International Humanitarian City to accommodate the growing needs of the nine UN agencies, multiple NGOs and commercial businesses who are based at the facility. Through the generosity of HH Sheikh Mohammed, an additional twenty airlifts and two sea shipments, carrying over $18 million worth of relief items, were undertaken for International Humanitarian City members to destinations primarily in Africa, but as far away as Haiti and Papua New Guinea.



Sport has been a dominant part of life for HRH Princess Haya since childhood. Having experienced the power of sport personally, She works tirelessly to give others, especially young children, a similar experience. Her work as President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was motivated by the belief that sport improves lives, empowers women, and breaks down barriers between people and nations.

At age 13, HRH Princess Haya was the first female to represent Jordan internationally in equestrian sport in show jumping. She won an Individual Bronze Medal in the Pan-Arab Equestrian Games in 1992 and is the only female ever to have won a Pan-Arab medal in equestrian sport. Additionally, She was also the first Jordanian athlete to turn professional, signing a commercial contract with the Italian designer Loro Piana in May 2000.

In 1994, HM the Late King Hussein created ‘Team Harmony,’ a group of international show-jumping horses and appointed HRH Princess Haya as athlete director. In recognition of Her accomplishments, the Spanish Equestrian Federation named HRH Princess Haya the Equestrian Personality of the Year in 1996, when She was just 22 years old.

In 2000, HRH Princess Haya fulfilled a lifelong dream by competing at the Sydney Olympic Games in show jumping. Two years later, HRH Princess Haya competed for Jordan in the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain. She was the first Arab woman to qualify for and compete in an equestrian world championship. She achieved another “first” when She obtained a license to drive heavy trucks to transport Her horses.

HRH Princess Haya was elected President of the International Equestrian Federation in 2006 (and re-elected in November 2010 for a 2nd term) and has since improved the Federation’s financial position with the addition of new sponsors, launched FEITV to reach a broader audience and adopted the Clean Sport initiative to combat doping. On December 14, 2014, HRH Princess Haya stepped down as the FEI President after eight years in the role.

HRH Princess Haya served as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 2007-2014, and also served on the IOC Athletes’ Commission (2005-2010) and on the Commission for Culture and Olympic Education. In addition to serving on the Advisory Board of The Economist Global Sports Conference, HRH Princess Haya was also President of the Dubai Organizing Committee for SportAccord 2010 and as of June 2010, became a Global Patron for the World Academy of Sport.

In June 2015, HRH Princess Haya was awarded the prestigious Longines Ladies Award to celebrate Her achievements, and positive impact had on equestrian sport. In January 2016, She received the Award for Local Sports Personality from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award.

In 2017 HRH Princess Haya announced Her involvement in the restoration of a maritime legend, the yacht ‘Maiden’ which 30 years ago competed in the Whitbread Challenge with an all-female crew. The project, which was launched in memory of Her father, HM the Late King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan, the original supporter of the yacht, celebrates the values He instilled in the original sporting challenge, ‘with faith, honour and courage, anything is possible’.



HRH Princess Haya's work in health stems from Her parents' legacy and is fueled by Her commitment to raise the bar when it comes to quality health care services. Throughout Her public role, HRH Princess Haya's work focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals regardless of their background or nationality. She pays particular attention to the health sector by supporting and initiating health programmes and projects, particularly paediatric care.

In early 2009, after a decree issued by HH Sheikh Mohammed, HRH Princess Haya was named President of the UAE Nursing and Midwifery Council. The Council is set to oversee professional education, development and on-going regulation of the nursing and midwifery professions across the country. Also in keeping with the wishes of HH Sheikh Mohammed, HRH Princess Haya continues, through a global fact-finding initiative for best practices, to assist in the development of the Dubai-based Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital. The Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital is the only dedicated paediatric hospital in the region.

Through Her interest in paediatric cardiology, HRH Princess Haya has encouraged the creation of other Centres of Excellence for that speciality. In May 2009, HRH Princess Haya became a Global Patron of the Walter Sisulu Paediatric Cardiac Foundation (WSPCF) in South Africa. She first visited the Foundation in April 2008 as part of a tour with President Nelson Mandela to raise awareness of paediatric cardiac health in Africa.

In early 2010, HRH Princess Haya was named Honorary President of Chain of Hope, a collaborating partner of the Aswan Heart Centre. The Centre, which opened in 2009, offers surgery, treatment and research related to diseases and defects of the heart.

In May 2011, after a decree issued by HH Sheikh Mohammed, HRH Princess Haya was appointed as Chairperson of Dubai Healthcare City Authority to oversee Dubai Healthcare City and re-position it as an internationally renowned centre for integrated medical services.

HRH Princess Haya supports several national efforts targeting the advancement of children’s and women’s health in Jordan. She is President of the Princess Haya Biotechnology Centre at Jordan University of Science and Technology, the first fully equipped biotech academic lab in Jordan, and is President of the Board for the Queen Alia Foundation for Hearing and Speech.

HRH Princess Haya also developed a regional health meeting to addresses health issues affecting children in the UAE and the region. The Arab Children Health Congress (ACHC) is a biennial event bringing together health care providers, care givers and parents. It offers a platform for discussion, not only between medical and social professionals and the general public but also with the children themselves.

As a humanitarian, HRH Princess Haya continuously advocates for the rights of children and underprivileged communities to have access to food, healthcare, education and security. She continues to participate in international conferences, charity events and field activities in those key areas.

HRH Princess Haya graduated from St Hilda’s College, Oxford University with an Honors Degree BA MA, in P.P.E. (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). She resides in Dubai, travelling regularly to Her homeland, Jordan.