HRH Prince Ali Bin Hussein

His Royal Highness Prince Ali was born in Amman on December 23rd, 1975, to His late Majesty King Hussein and Her late Majesty Queen Alia, may their souls rest in peace. His Royal Highness began his primary education at the Islamic Educational College in Amman and continued his studies in the United Kingdom and the United States, where he graduated from Salisbury School in Connecticut in 1993, and His Royal Highness excelled in the sport of wrestling.

His Royal Highness entered the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in the United Kingdom. He was commissioned as an officer in December of 1994 and was awarded the Brunei Medal.

Before continuing his studies in the United States, His Royal Highness served in the Jordanian Special Forces, earning his freefall parachute wings.

In 1999, His Royal Highness was appointed as commander of His Majesty’s Special Security in the Royal Guards. He served in that capacity until 28 January 2008, when His Majesty King Abdullah II entrusted him with the duty of establishing and directing a National Centre for Security and Crisis Management. His Royal Highness Prince Ali holds the rank of Major General in the Jordanian Armed Forces.

In 1999, His Royal Highness Prince Ali became the President of the Jordan Football Association, and he succeeded in leading the Jordanian team to the finals of the FIFA Youth World Cup of 2007, as well as bringing the national team to the final round of the FIFA 2012 World Cup qualifiers, for the first time in the history of Jordanian football and despite all challenges. In addition, Jordanian teams have also passed the three major Asian qualifying competitions (men, youth, junior), several times.

Under the management of Prince Ali, the women’s national team gradually progressed on the list of FIFA’s team rankings, and it qualified for the 2014 Asian Cup, which was the first achievement by an Arab team across the Asian continent. His Royal Highness also focused on activating the activities of the age-group teams and strengthening football for kids and juniors, through Prince Ali’s centres which are spread across the Kingdom, and which doubled in numbers during 2013, along with recruitment of experts to supervise them, alongside their national technical and administrative staff.

In 2014, the Jordanian Association was awarded as the Best Advanced Association in Asia, and the world-wide achievement came about as Jordan received the world’s confidence through the victory of Jordan’s bid to host the 2016 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals in 2016, which was a successful championship, and Jordan will also host the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Moreover, the achievements of Jordanian football continue under the leadership of His Royal Highness, as all of our national teams, across all age groups, and without exception, have managed to reach the Asian finals.

In 2000, His Royal Highness established the West Asian Football Federation, and he worked on increasing the number of member states; unifying the football associations in the region; organising international championships for men and women; as well as connecting with other regional associations.

On 6 January 2011, His Royal Highness was elected FIFA Vice President representing Asia for a term of 4 years. Since his election, HRH’s efforts were concentrated on two main pillars: football development and social development through football, in addition to fighting corruption within the organisation. His Royal Highness chaired the Social Responsibility committees at FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation. In January 2015, His Royal Highness announced his candidacy for President of FIFA.

In 2012, His Royal Highness established the Asian Football Development Project, which is a non-profit project aiming to provide necessities to all national and regional unions and their development sub-organisations in Asia, in a fair and transparent manner. His Royal Highness seeks to achieve further progress in the talents and youth sectors, as well as women’s football and social development, especially in marginalised areas, in addition to protecting and developing Asian football and elevating it to a world-class level. The project has launched development initiatives in more than 20 countries to help refugees and those who are at risk of human trafficking and other underprivileged groups.

Through this project, Prince Ali led a campaign to allow female football players to wear a safe headscarf during official games, and his efforts were successful in July 2012, when the FIFA board accepted HRH’s proposal, which was welcomed by the Asian Football Confederation, the United Nations, and several Asian and international sports figures.

His Royal Highness is the Chairman of the Board of the Royal Film Commission, which was established in 2003 with a vision to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry and invigorate Jordan’s cultural and economic role in the region and beyond.

His Royal Highness married Princess Rym Ali, daughter of veteran U.N. and Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, on 7 September 2004. The Royal Couple have a daughter, Princess Jalila, born on 16 September 2005, and a son, Prince Abdullah, born on 19 March 2007.