25 Jul 2014

Latest Dubai Airlift Carries Badly Need Medical Supplies for Gaza

Dubai, July 25 -- The airlift of emergency aid for the displaced and injured in Gaza ordered by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, entered its fifth day today as a Boeing 747 and two C130s rushed 22 tons of medical supplies for the World Health Organization and 35,000 blankets for UNWRA to Amman for onward shipment by truck into Gaza.

The total value of the operation, which now includes 11 airlifts from Dubai, has reached approx. AED 10,130,000 ($2,760,000).  

In a positive development, Jordan authorities have committed to keep the Jordanian side of border crossings into Israel open during the Eid holiday to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. While there have been some bottlenecks in crossing into Gaza, the IHC shipments have moved through without disruption or incidents thus far.  

The pressure for medical supplies has increased significantly, with UNWRA reporting more than 5,273 injured Palestinians.  The WHO shipment included a range of antibiotics, painkillers, and surgical supplies.  Gaza's medical infrastructure has suffered severe degradation under the Israeli bombardment. Hospitals and other medical facilities have been inundated by large numbers of wounded civilians who face long and often agonizing waits for treatment.